Arcane Objective is Now On Bandcamp

Its been a lot of fun discovering the Bandcamp community and how appreciative they are of the music culture.  You’ll now see in the link below, a collection of my music on the music store and as a primary means to purchase and own the music for yourself. Check it out! You can even see my EP featured on the new arrivals under the Alternative/Industrial Discover tool.  Probably the most exposure I’ve ever gotten.

Since Cdbaby (publisher) removed their online store, I had no means of distributing my music for anyone interested in purchasing the songs I was making, so I was glad to see that you could feature your own work in this way.  Please check it out for yourself as you’ll see my first two EP releases on their currently.  I plan to release my third EP and full album on Bandcamp in the following weeks to come.  Thanks for your support.

Follow Arcane Objective on Bandcamp

The Objective EP by Arcane Objective

The Arcane EP by Arcane Objective


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